Community Schedule



  • Monday (Pawnee Village, Shoshoni Village, Sioux Village)
  • Tuesday (Apache Village, Cherokee Village, Comanche Village)
  • Wednesday (Arapahoe Village, Choctaw Village)
  • Thursday (Dakota Ridge, Iroquois Village, Navajo Village)
  • Friday (Blackfoot Hill, Cheyenne Village, Chippewa Village, Kiowa Village, Ute Hill)






  • Every week on the same day as trash pickup

Lawn Care:


  • Monday (Arapahoe Village, Cherokee Village, Chippewa Village, Choctaw Village)
  • Tuesday (Blackfoot Hill, Cheyenne Village, Chippewa Village, Kiowa Village, Pawnee Village)
  • Wednesday (Apache Villge, Comanche Village, Shoshoni Village, Sioux Village)
  • Thursday (Dakota Ridge, Iroquois Village, Navajo Village, Ute Hill)


Trash Day Information

All refuse toters and bulk items must be placed curbside by 0700 (7:00am) on the scheduled pickup day and should not be placed out any earlier or later. Containers should be brought in by 1500 (3:00pm).

Trash must be secured at all times. On windy days, secured bags may be used in lieu of toters. Trash toters are not to be stored in front of your home and should be stored in the backyard or the side of your building.

Holiday Trash Schedule from Waste Management:

If a scheduled collection day falls on a holiday or the day after, collection will be delayed one day.

Holidays Observed
  • New Years Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Bulk Trash Information

Bulk trash is picked up the same day as normal trash. Bulk trash refers to items that are too large or bulky for normal refuse containers. These items may include: furniture, mattresses, barbecue grills, etc.

Recycling Information

Fort Carson Family Housing participates in single stream recycling which provides each resident with one recycle bin. Items considered recyclable include: plastic (Type 1 & 2), aluminum cans, tin cans, corrugated cardboard, magazines, and newspapers.

Lawn Care Information

Lawn services will be completed at all houses with the exception of fenced-in yards. Be sure to remove any items from your lawn including: garden hoses, toys, lawn furniture, and bikes on the scheduled day in order for the landscapers to properly care for your lawn.